The Overcomers At-Home Program (OCAH) has been helping men and women find freedom from the hold of sexual sin for 25 years now. Early on we realized that there were many men and women who sincerely desired freedom but whose circumstances made the Residential Program an unrealistic option for them. Others had problems with sexual sin that hadn’t yet digressed into out-of-control behavior. The OCAH program was developed specifically with them in mind.

There are three primary components to the Pure Life Ministries’ OCAH Program that account for our long track record of success.

Biblically based curriculum and counseling.

At Pure Life Ministries, all of our curriculum and counseling methods are founded on the bedrock of Scripture. We believe that there is only one source—the never changing Word of Truth—that provides trustworthy solutions to man’s problems. It remains relevant today because God’s answers for people’s struggles continue to be unchanged throughout history.

One of the key elements to all of our counseling programs is our strong emphasis on Bible study. Our curriculum is designed to provide relevant studies that pertain to the very issues our students are facing: sexual sin, pride, selfishness, true repentance, obedience, etc. As the student learns how to deal biblically with these issues, their counselor helps hold them accountable to apply these principles to their daily lives.

Victorious Counselors

Participants will receive a weekly counseling session with a Pure Life Ministries counselor. Our counselors have not only been trained and certified in biblical counseling, but they have all graduated from Pure Life Ministries programs themselves.

Many people in the grip of sexual sin have become so demoralized because of their history of failure that it is very difficult for them to believe they can overcome. What a blessing it is for them to be able to talk with someone who has been there—someone who has fought his way out of sexual addiction himself. This alone provides a tremendous boost to their confidence that, they too, can find victory.

A Structured Program

A central component of our program is its structured pathway into disciplined living. This is of the utmost importance for men who have a history of lacking self-control in their lives.

OCAH students will be required to implement a number of disciplines into their lives, including a daily devotional life. This discipline of prayer and Bible study deepens their relationship with God, and plays a huge role in acquiring the spiritual power to deny temptations. Participants will be held accountable for their prayer and Bible study times, and for completing the assigned homework. As structure, accountability and discipline are worked into the students’ lives, strength of character develops, enabling them to deny temptations and equipping them to live a victorious life in Christ.

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