Our Residential Program is the only long-term residential option dealing with sexual addiction from a biblical approach. We are here for the man who is desperate for a new life with God. There are a number of key components to this program which create the perfect opportunity for men to find the freedom they have longed for.

Distance & Duration

Men coming to us for help will—perhaps for the first time in their lives—be afforded the opportunity to live away from the negative influences of the world. The sexualized culture of the United States makes it extremely difficult for a man to find freedom from sexual addiction. Breaking those habit patterns simply takes time.  

The Residential Program acts as a buffer to the world, filtering out ungodly influences and sources of temptation. Simply making the move to rural Kentucky will prove to be a major help in itself. Harmful relationships are ended, and the area of so many past defeats is left far behind. Our Residential Program, situated on a serene 45-acre campus in north-central Kentucky, provides men a tremendous opportunity to begin a new life with God. 

Developing this new lifestyle will take time. The ungodly habit patterns of sexual addiction are often developed over a lifetime, and learning a completely new way of doing life will not happen in a weekend, no matter how good the intentions are. Making the choice to come to our program will mean an end to compromised Christianity—a life of close fellowship with God, a life without sexual sin and all its evil tentacles. However, the serious commitment this requires is repaid by the years of freedom that lie ahead.

Structure & Counseling

A central component of our program is its structured pathway into disciplined living. This is of the utmost importance for men who have a history of lacking self-control in their lives.  

Our students are required to attend meetings, maintain daily devotions, complete homework assignments and learn to live in true obedience to Scripture. As structure, accountability and discipline are worked into a man’s life, strength of character develops, enabling the man to deny temptations and equipping him to continue living a victorious life in Christ.  

Meaningful, one-on-one counseling also plays a key role in the process. Our low student-to-counselor ratios allow our staff to invest personally and consistently with each individual student. Our counselors have not only been trained and certified in biblical counseling, but they have all graduated from the Residential Program themselves. Therefore, they speak from their own hard-fought battles out of sexual addiction, and share the biblical answers to living a victorious life that they themselves received and utilized.

A Godly Environment

Ultimately, the most influential factor in the transformation of a sexual addict’s heart and life is an encounter with the Living God. 

Countless men have experienced deep and life-changing repentance at Pure Life Ministries. God’s presence permeates the campus. In fact, everywhere one turns—whether walking on the “prayer trail,” attending a worship service or just sitting alone with an open Bible—the sense of the Holy Spirit can be felt. This fosters an environment that paves the way for true repentance and the development of an obedient, victorious lifestyle.  

The spiritual atmosphere maintained at Pure Life Ministries has not come about by accident. Our staff is dedicated to a lifestyle of daily prayer and intercession. We do our utmost to walk in the love, humility and consecration exemplified by Jesus Christ. Visitors have often told us that they immediately experienced a strong sense of God’s peace when they arrived on our campus. It’s no wonder that so many men are forever changed after spending nine months living in such a godly climate.

Here are the Facts:



$1000 induction fee +
$175 weekly program fee

Students in Phase Two (months 7-9) pay a program fee of $125 per week


A 45-acre campus just outside Dry Ridge, KY



A two-phase program totaling 9 months



As openings are available
in the program



We'll get the process started as soon as we receive your application