Nothing is more devastating than realizing your husband has a Secret Obsession

Pure Life Ministries can help you figure out where to go from here

“This is one of the deepest betrayals a woman faces. Kathy’s personal experience and years of counseling have provided her with tremendous insight.”
-Beverly LaHaye

At 8:30 PM, Mike's phone rang. It was Jill, his fiancée. He sighed and let it go to voicemail. What could she possibly want to talk about? They had just spent the day together.

30 seconds later, she called again. And again.  

20 minutes later he closed the laptop, and dialed his fiancée’s number.  

"Where were you!?!" Jill yelled, half-screaming, half-crying. "I tried calling you 3 times!"  

"Baby, what's wrong?" he asked, feeling guilty that he hadn't picked up.  

She was almost hysterical. "While I was driving home, some guys stopped next to me at a stoplight, and said some really nasty things to me. Then they got behind me and rode right on my tail for almost 5 miles. I was freaking out! What were you doing??"

He instantly filled with shame. He couldn't tell her the truth. It was too much to admit.  

He had been watching porn.

The Definitive Christian Work on Sexual Addiction!

At The Altar Of Sexual Idolatry

There is only one path that leads to true freedom over porn addiction, and At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry outlines the steps.

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Pornography is one of America's most Pervasive Problems


If you've tried weekend workshops, secular treatment, accountability software or other quick fixes, without finding lasting freedom, you're not alone. Many Christian men have done the same thing, and it's left them wondering if real answers for porn addiction even exist

For over 30 years, Pure Life Ministries has been offering those real answers, and our students have been proving that deep and lasting change is possible! We were the first to offer a residential program specifically addressing the issue of sexual addiction, and since 1986 we have been helping men from all over the world break the grip of pornography. We understand the powerful grip of porn addiction and that this issue requires a man to look to God for true freedom.



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The atmosphere at Pure Life Ministries is clearly bathed in prayer and full of the presence of God’s Holy Spirit. I found all the staff to be genuinely concerned for the well-being and spiritual growth of the students. They walk the walk—there is no evangelical fluff here.


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Leaving my wife and two children at home to come to Pure Life was the hardest thing that I have ever done. God is here awaiting those who truly desire to follow Him. Through the videos, worship services and prayer groups, God moves in this place and changes lives by the power of His love.


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Restoration is here. Deliverance is here. Healing is here. Jesus is here. This is truly holy ground, God’s hospital, where Jesus performs supernatural surgery on anyone who will humble themselves.

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