The world is always seeking new ways to resolve their problems. But as Christians, there is only one way to properly deal with the issues that our sin has caused. In this Sunday chapel message, Nate Danser looks at 2 Chronicles 7:14 to show us the way God has ordained that we should seek restoration from sin's destructive consequences.


There is a hidden realm that can only be seen through the eyes of faith. Scripture teaches us about it, fasting sensitizes us to it and prayer takes us behind the veil.


Every temptation is accompanied by a lie: there will be no consequences for indulging in sin, but the Bible tells us otherwise. For one thing, sin hardens the heart, strips the person of innocence and deadens spiritual hunger. Yes, “fools mock at sin,” but the wise man sees behind its deceptive enticement.


Psalm 107 lays out the steps involved in a captive being set free. He is dwelling in spiritual darkness because of his love for sin. But God begins to bring circumstances into his life to bring him to the place of crying out for help.


The person in question once had a walk with God but then a spiritual sickness began to overtake him. The man begins drifting and straying away from the Lord. Eventually spiritual death begins to creep through his inner being. But God knows how to turn it around for him.


God’s grace will never be real to a person until he has had a revelation of the fact that he deserves judgment. Calvary was proof that God has a tremendous hatred of sin—because of the harm it does to people—but also how much He loves sinners.


David had once walked in close intimacy with the Lord but the palace life began to take its toll on him. Eventually he committed the terrible sins of adultery and murder. But he knew what to do when he sinned and began earnestly repenting to the Lord.