When you’re tired of living with the shame and torment of sexual sin that doesn’t line up with your Christian faith, we can assure you that there is hope!

Perhaps, like most men who call us, you’re completely exhausted from trying all the quick-fixes without gaining lasting victory. Or maybe you’re just looking to take a firm step toward the biblical standard of purity before things get really out of hand.

Whether you’re addicted to masturbation, ensnared in Internet pornography, struggling with homosexuality, or merely battling an onslaught of impure desires, you’ve come to the right place.

Pure Life Ministries didn’t just simply decide one day that we ought to add a “sexual sin department” to deal with this growing problem among Christian men; we’ve spent 25 years pioneering the path to freedom. We’ve been helping men attain victory over sexual sin long before it was permitted to talk about it from the pulpit.

To put it simply: our primary mission is still helping Christians at every level of the struggle overcome every form of sexual immorality.

Every one of our counselors has a personal testimony of being set free from sexual addiction. They know the road to living in victory isn’t easy, but they’re willing to come alongside you in your struggle, and point you to the biblical answers - answers that will produce lasting victory in your life!

Purity is possible! There is hope! There is freedom!


Don’t just take our word for it; look into the eyes of our graduates and hear their heart as they share their personal story of being Unchained!

Where Do I Start?

Live-In Program: The premier residential program for men who are serious about overcoming sexual sin.

Overcomers At-Home Program: A 12-week phone counseling program for those who may not require the intensive intervention of the residential program.

Counseling Support Call: Don’t know where to start? Many have found a 30-minute phone call with one of our certified biblical counselors to be extremely helpful in providing the biblical guidance they needed to make critical decisions in a time of overwhelming uncertainty (a small fee applies).

Additional Resources: Essential materials from the Pure Life Ministries library to get men started on the journey to freedom.