We are very aware that sexual sin is not just a man’s problem. The phone calls we receive make this very clear.
You are not alone! 

We understand the intense desire to be connected emotionally, the passion for romance, the craving for attention, and the need for security that make purity such a challenge. We understand the demands and expectations that manipulate a woman into going much further than she intended.

We want to help restore your connection with the Father, and guide you into an intimacy with Christ that will purify your heart. Not only is this possible, but your heavenly Father wants it even more than you do. Here is just one story of His redemptive power working in a woman’s life.

Whether your struggle is masturbation, searching for intimacy through social networks, Internet pornography, same-sex attraction, romantic fantasies, adultery or other promiscuous behaviors, you can tell us about it. Our women counselors will not only listen and understand, but we can help you.

Purity is possible! There is hope! There is freedom!

Where Do I Start?

Overcomers At-Home Program: A 12-week phone counseling program for women who are serious about pursuing purity.

Pure Heart Combo: Our ground-breaking book, Create in Me A Pure Heart, and its accompanying workbook sensitively delivers biblical answers for struggling women.

Counseling Support Call: Don’t know where to start? Many have found a 30-minute phone call with one of our certified biblical counselors to be extremely helpful in providing the biblical guidance they needed to make critical decisions in a time of overwhelming uncertainty.

Additional Resources: Essential materials from the Pure Life Ministries library to get women started on the path to purity.