Testimony of how God used thankfulness to bring Nathan Boer out of depression.



"I associated myself as a gay man. I never believed God could change that."

Sherman and Christina


"You wake up with it on your mind. You go to sleep with it on your mind. It’s just something you can’t satisfy.”


"I didn’t know how God could allow this to happen after serving Him so long and loving Him."

Richard and Sheila


"I was a pastor for 29 years. Somehow I thought that would offset these sinful behaviors in my life."


"I kept asking God what was wrong with me."



"I checked his phone. There was another woman. That was just the beginning. I found a suicide note. Everything collapsed."



"It's so easy to think about my rights, 50/50, and just see circumstances. It is about so much more."

Josh and Dina


"I was heavily addicted to Internet porn.  Going to accountability groups five times a week wasn’t helping."


"Less than a year after we got married, it all started to come out. I was devastated, and nothing seemed to help."

Delbert and Jenny


"All I knew was that I had a secret life of homosexuality."


"For 10 years we had a good marriage, but then the distance between us began to grow. Two years later he walked out."

Gary and Peggy


"I was doing ministry outwardly, but had nothing on the inside. The nature of sexual sin is darkness…I got used to being in the corner."


"I remember one day pounding my fist on the table screaming 'I can’t live like this anymore.' The pain of sexual sin is so enormous."

Wes and Nikki


"I was into porn my whole life. I was exhausted, just exhausted. I had come to the end, and I couldn’t do it anymore. I was desperate for anything."


"Our marriage was devastated by multiple affairs, and lying, lying, lying. We developed a real hatred for each other."