To Overcome Temptation, You Must have a Prayer Life


We hope you have been joining us for our online video series, “20 Truths that Helped Me in My Battle with Porn Addiction".

These videos offer an in-depth look into Pastor Steve Gallagher’s testimony and the truths God taught him in his own battle to overcome sexual addiction. These are the same truths that ultimately led to the founding of Pure Life Ministries, and we pray that they are a catalyst for many more changed lives.

Even if you’ve already had your breakthrough and don’t feel a need to view more content on this subject, you may have friends or family who are in desperate need like you once were. If you know anyone who would benefit from these videos, please share this series with them.

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Truth #11, "A Form of Godliness Won't Deliver from Sin"

For the Christian addicted to porn, there IS power to overcome sexual addiction, but there’s more to it than consistent church attendance. If you’re desperate to be free of your sin, follow Steve Gallagher as he exposes the powerlessness of dead religious activity and encourages believers not to settle for an empty Christian existence.

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Truth #12, "You Must Repent of Sexual Sin"

When the sex addict claims to have repented, more often than not he has merely resolved to stop sinning, and mainly through his own efforts. Steve Gallagher helps believers trapped in the cycle of addiction break free from sexual sin through a lifestyle of true repentance.

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Truth #13, “Hedonism Opens the Door for Pornography"

Hedonism says that pleasure is the prime goal of life and anything that causes pain or discomfort should be avoided at all costs. And the mind that thinks like this is just one click away from a porn addiction. Steve Gallagher gives keen insight as to how a life lived with no restraint regarding pleasure and indulgence is the perfect breeding ground for sexual sin.

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Truth #15, “Scripture Restructures the Pornographic Mind”

Scripture has the inherent power to rebuild a soul that has been marred, ruined, and devastated by sin. Steve Gallagher shows how clinging to Scripture and dwelling on the testimonies of God will reform, reconstruct, and restructure a mind dominated by pornography.

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Truth #15, "To Overcome Temptation, You Must have a Prayer Life"

For Christians who are desperate to overcome temptation and sexual sin, they need to know that it is a steadfast love for God that defeats the enflaming love of sin.

From his own experience, Steve Gallagher shares how simply being committed to a daily life of prayer was pivotal in his turning away from pornography and failure to a life of continual victory.

Truth #15, “To Overcome Temptation, You Must have a Prayer Life” premieres online TONIGHT, August 12, at 7:30 PM EST. Watch live on YouTube or Facebook!