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1. "What Does God Think About Masturbation?"

While serving at Pure Life Ministries, I witnessed over a thousand graduations from our residential program—over a thousand celebrations of the miracle-working power of God’s grace! Almost without exception, each graduation speech declares a life-controlling habit of “self-gratification.” These are not words to cover up the more base term “masturbation,” but rather a more apt description, at least in spiritual terms, of what it truly is.

2. "Recognizing Godly Sorrow vs Worldly Sorrow"

Here in stark contrast we see the difference between the worldly sorrow of Saul and the godly sorrow of David. One is completely selfish, and cares only about the personal cost of sin. The other is sorrow towards God, and cares about the offense to His holiness, and the impact of the sin upon others. 

3. "Is His Pornography Use Grounds for Divorce?"

Like many of the questions that arise in counseling, there aren’t simple black-and-white, yes-or-no answers. In order to deal with divorce from a biblical viewpoint, one of the first things we must do is take a closer look at God’s view of marriage.

4. “How Women Encourage Sexual Sin in the Church”

Recent statistics suggest that women are being drawn into life-controlling sexual addiction lifestyles in greater and greater numbers. What many women don’t realize is that they have been unwittingly contributing to the sexual sin issue in the Church long before these statistics came to be.

5. “How can I be saved and still be in sexual sin?”

It’s a common question for Christian men that continue to fall into lust, masturbation, and pornography. Here are 3 qualities to look for to know where you stand in the struggle and why freedom may be closer than you realize.

6. "The Searing of the Christian Conscience"

Most people think of hardened criminals and the most duplicitous of men when speaking of someone with a seared conscience. Yet, I believe many in the Church today are also in very real danger of this spiritual phenomenon. The apostle Paul had a clear understanding of the damaging effects of sin on the human heart.

7. “3 Ways to Fight for a Lust-Free Mind”

A lustful thought is like a torpedo, cruising relentlessly, silently under the water, straight toward the hull of our ship. Unless we take instant evasive action, we’re in trouble.

8. "The Growing Darkness and Evil of Pornography"

I believe that something very evil was unleashed upon our land in 1971 when Joseph and Louis Peraino, members of the Colombo Mafia family, produced and released the X-rated comedy Deep Throat. The enormous success of that movie paved the way for the birth of the adult entertainment industry. It was also a watershed moment in the spiritual history of the United States.

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