Am I Experiencing ED because of Masturbation?


I am having erection difficulties, but my doctor says it is all mental. Could this be from the years before when I masturbated so much?


Many men begin to experience impotence when they enter middle age. It is very much comparable to how some men begin going bald during their late thirties or early forties. Some young men experience occasional impotence for one reason or another, and then, the fear that they will not be able to perform, exacerbates the problem.

As far as masturbation is concerned, I wouldn’t say that it would have a direct correlation to impotence. However, when a man saurates his mind with pornographic images and illicit sexual sin, he can very easily get to the point (as happened to me personally) when nothing excites him any longer. He can then very easily experience impotence. But when he repents of the sexual sin and begins to live a God-honoring, pure life (as was also the case with me), he should once again experience excitement over his spouse.