Am I Wasting My Life with an Unrepentant Husband?


My husband is supposed to be a Christian, but cheats on me in every way and I now have an STD because of his unfaithfulness. Does the Lord want me to waste the better years of my life hoping that my husband finally, once and for all, will give up his addiction?

There are two schools of thought in regards to this question. There are those who would tell you that you have every right to divorce and move on. The covenant is breached; he has dealt treacherously with you. The marriage bed is defiled and been rendered unclean. How can the two be one? Judicially that is correct, and if you are anxious to get on with your life, perhaps that is the course you should pursue. Ultimately however, you have to be willing to live with this decision. What others think about the situation is secondary.

The other school of thought is that you should do everything you possibly can to make this marriage work. If you choose this route, you and your pastor should confront him about his sin. At least this scenario provides him the opportunity to truly repent and turn his life around. Tell him that you are considering divorce. My guess is that you have already done this. 

One way or the other you need the Healer more than ever! I pray that no matter which course of action you take that your sufferings will serve to draw you closer to the Master. God can still use the ugliness of unfaithfulness to do a divine work in your heart and mold you into His image.