Be an Overcomer!


Following the release of the At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry DVD Curriculum in 2017, I spent quite a bit of time seeking the Lord about what new project our media department could produce that would be a real help to people. It didn’t take long to sense the Lord leading me to do something involving the message found in my book, Intoxicated with Babylon.

The importance of that book’s message became clear to me in my earliest days of ministry. Every sexual addict I came in contact with had been deeply influenced by the spirit of the world. This foul spirit had deceived them into exchanging a vibrant life in God for the empty shell of powerless religion—the perfect spiritual incubator for sexual sin.

Indeed, this very thing—a lack of devotion to God—is one of the great characteristics of the apostate Church of the end times. As our world grows darker by the day, the call for believers to extricate ourselves from the deceitful charms of this present age and to consecrate ourselves to God has never been so urgent.

It is with this in mind that we began production of The Overcomers Series, a 12-DVD series that will give believers valuable insight on how to overcome the subtle, yet malicious schemes of the enemy.

Today we gratefully announce that this series is available. Please use the link below to learn more about the series and view video excerpts from the sessions. We trust that this series will be a real blessing to you in the years to come.

May God richly bless you,

Steve Gallagher

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