Can God Change Sex Offenders?


My son is currently serving time for a sexual assault. I saw a TV news program that said sexual offenders cannot change, but I have heard testimonies of how God can change them. Can God change him?

The news report you saw is correct: there is little evidence that once a man has become addicted to sexual crimes that he will ever change. What they didn’t report is that with God nothing is impossible. You cannot expect the world to believe that the Lord can actually change people. But we have seen the most hopeless men transformed by the power of God.

For instance, just this morning we received an email from a prison chaplain (assigned to a sexual offenders facility) who said the following:

“I am writing you in reference to a class I am teaching at North Central Correctional facility using your book, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry. I am in need of more books and I am willing to drive down there to get them if need be. God is using your material in a mighty way and I am seeing men change before my very eyes. I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing it’s been and continues to be.”

Your son will need much prayer and he will have to come to his knees before God in true repentance over his actions. However, don’t ever lose hope that the Lord can win the battle inside him. He can do it!