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When a Betrayed Wife Protects Herself

I regularly receive letters from broken-hearted wives who have been devastated by their husband’s unfaithfulness. I remember so well experiencing those feelings myself. My heart always goes out to these hurting women. And yet, over the years I have seen a disturbing trend emerging. It seems that there is an increasing consciousness about the wife’s happiness and a growing lack of concern over the eternal destiny of the husband.

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Why I Sincerely Love My Wife

Kathy Irwin was clueless about who she was marrying in January 1980. This naïve 19-year-old girl did not realize that I had a long history of being a womanizer and that I was terribly addicted to pornography. She had no idea that I maintained a secret lifestyle of illicit sex that nobody knew about. Marriage did not alter any of this. I continued living my double life without one pang of guilt or concern. Even the day before our wedding I was with a prostitute.

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His Failures are Part of the Process

When my husband Steve came to the Lord in 1982, I naturally assumed that his sexual escapades were over and done with. But like many newborn believers, his zeal for the Lord was no match for the lustful desires still stirring deep within him. Three weeks after his conversion, he fell back into sin. For a long period afterwards, He had spurts of victory followed by relapses into pornography and illicit sex. I was devastated, and I couldn’t imagine much good ever coming out of his failures.

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