December eNews: A Message from our President

 Voices by Glenn Meldrum

Greetings in the precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! 

As 2017 draws to a close, we have much to celebrate that the Lord has done among us, thanks to your prayers and faithful support.
Thank you for your generosity, your faithful gifts, large and small. All of it is being used for God’s glory. We cannot do this ministry without you. You are family to us, and we pray for you often.
As you know, last year the Lord led us to create the new DVD Curriculum for our flagship book, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry, which became available for distribution this past February. The series is selling well, as small groups are being formed and led by PLM grads in churches across the nation. Hundreds of struggling men are finding freedom and victory using our material. Praise God!

The Lord is also using these materials in prisons. Indeed, the DVD Curriculum was developed as a means of reaching men in Texas prisons. Allow me to share with you what the Lord has done in this area just in the last year:

  • Almost 2,800 copies of At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry were donated to prisons.
  • Over 4,100 At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry Workbooks were donated to prisons.
  • The DVD Curriculum is currently being shown in at least 20 different prisons.
  • We have given over $61,500 worth of resources to prisons this year.

We also added the Curriculum to RightNow Media, an online service that allows churches to access teaching resources for their congregations. In our first six months on RightNow Media, 7,000 people accessed Session One of the Curriculum. Imagine what God will do in the months and years to come!
As I close, allow me to share some of the messages we have received from inmates. Your gifts allowed us to send these materials, which God has used mightily to affect real change in people’s lives.

“We are doing your At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry DVD Curriculum in our Faith-Based Dorm. Let me tell you that we are in lesson two and boy o boy is it awesome! It goes deep into the issues that we as men are ashamed to talk about. I’m also going to start teaching the Curriculum in Spanish.” – Chaplain Nathanial
“I am writing you because of the profound impact your book, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry has had in my life. I came to prison a slave to sexual sin. I have been a Christian for almost six years now.” – Marshall
“I recently found and devoured Steve Gallagher’s book, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry. It is a true God-send as I am currently making my way—all glory, thanks, and honor to God, away from having worshiped at the altar for the better part of the last 35 years.” – Anonymous

Please remember us in your end of the year giving. Everything you give is appreciated and used in real life-changing ministry. God bless you and thank you for all you do! 

In Christ’s Service,
Steve & Kathy Gallagher

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Thank you for helping us accomplish so much this year!