Do People Truly Get Free from Sexual Addiction?


Do you really see people get truly, once and for all, set free from this addiction?


The answer is a qualified “yes.” Over the thirty years I have been ministering to men in habitual sexual sin, I have seen many, many full-blown sex addicts set free by the power of God—never to return to their addictive behavior again.

Allow me to offer just one example of many. Mike was clearly not ready to get serious about dealing with his problems when he appeared at the PLM Residential Program in 1993. In fact, he lasted only a couple of weeks before disappearing one day. Mike had a history of drug abuse and binging on sexual sin. This brought unspeakable heartache to his wife and children.

In 1998, Mike re-applied to the Residential Program. He assured us that he was ready to get serious about dealing with his problems. And that is precisely what happened. He really allowed the Lord to deal with his selfish nature. He learned to become a sincere seeker after God. He began to treat his wife and children with love and consideration. He seemed to show that there truly were “fruits of repentance” in his life.

He graduated the program six months later, moved back in with his family and went to work at a factory. Everything seemed to go well until he had a terrible accident at his job and hurt his hand. Over the next few years, he underwent a number of surgeries. The pain was unbearable at times, which forced him to use subscription painkillers. Would the “high” of the drugs cause him to relapse into sexual sin? Would the discouragement of the failed surgeries cause him to give up? Would the use of medication revive his old drug addiction? The answer to all of these is NO. You see, something had been changed inside this man. He truly had been freed inside! He is one of hundreds who could claim the same thing.

I qualified my “yes” because of the phrase, “once and for all.” Mike is free from his addiction but, like us all, he still has a flesh nature that desires sin. “The flesh lusts against the Spirit…” Paul wrote. The truth is that there will always be a daily battle for every believer. We must learn to walk in the Spirit, so we won’t be overwhelmed by the passions of the flesh.