Does an Age Gap in Marriage Matter?


I am a 28 year old man interested in a 19 year old woman. What is your opinion about this?

Kathy was 19-years old and I was 25-years old when we married in 1980. Once I overcame my sexual addiction, our marriage became very wonderful. How could I fault two people who share the same vision and passion for God simply because of a nine-year age difference?

The truth is that, generally speaking, women tend to emotionally mature earlier than men. In our case, Kathy was more mature than me for a good part of our life together. So the age gap has actually kept us somewhat even in that sense.

In regards to the difference physically speaking, women tend to age sooner than men. This isn’t much of an issue in the early years, but when the couple enters middle age, it also helps to keep the two mates somewhat on an even basis.

Personally speaking, my love for my wife goes much deeper than her looks. If anything ever happened to mar her beauty, I would continue loving her. Yet, at the same time, I am also grateful to have a wife who has retained her youthfulness.

I think the much more important issue than age is whether or not the two of you are sincerely pursuing God. If you keep Him in the center of this relationship, things will go well. If you leave Him on the sidelines, you both could be in for some very difficult years.