Does Fasting Help Overcome Addiction?


What is your view on fasting as it relates to overcoming sexual addiction? Do you incorporate fasting as a part of your program?

We believe fasting can play a vital role in a man overcoming sexual addiction. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to weaken the flesh. The idea of fasting is that since it is the flesh that loves sin, if a person doesn’t feed it (both literally and figuratively), the flesh will lose power and allow the Spirit to have more influence in the person’s life. Fasting is a proven, biblical principle that can help a person in his battle with habitual sin.

Having said that, I will tell you that we don’t emphasize it at the Pure Life Ministries’ Residential Program mostly because of practical circumstances involved in our particular situation. I will attempt to explain the main spiritual reason for our reluctance to emphasize it. 

The flesh exerts itself in a number of ways and through different means. One of those avenues is a person’s pride. One of the great works God does in a man’s life at Pure Life Ministries is to help the man come down out of the pride that has kept him locked in his sin. This process of humbling helps the man see his great spiritual need and allows the Lord to break him of his love for sin. It is a vital part in his restoration.

The danger with fasting is that it if it is done with the wrong motives, it can foster pride, which, in turn, will hinder God’s ability to humble the man. This is one more reason why we don’t promote it at the residential program.