Help! I Cheated on My Husband


My husband is impotent and while on a recent business trip, I had a sexual encounter with another man, who was also impotent! I am truly repentant, but can’t tell my husband. He would leave me and I can’t handle that. Do you know any scriptures that I can pray through that would help me?

Don’t you find it interesting that the very thing that brought you such frustration that you would be willing to commit adultery would happen to the man you were with? I suspect that you will find nothing but more frustration if you give over to sexual sin again.

You say that you are truly repentant but I must admit that your statements don’t have the ring of sincerity. When a person is truly repentant, there is nothing he or she wouldn’t do to make things right. True repentance is never easy. Sin costs something. Escaping the consequences for our sinful actions is not the path of the truly repentant. Adultery is devastating. Can there be true restoration when there is hidden sin?

You want to know if there are any verses you can pray over that will help you. But my guess is that until you get serious with God about your sin, the Bible will be lifeless to you. Even the Word of God cannot penetrate the heart that is hardened by sin and the refusal to repent. (Luke 8:13)