Hope for Struggling Marriages


38 years ago, my marriage was at the breaking point. My husband had just plopped a stack of pornographic magazines on the kitchen table and in an instant my world came crashing down. In the months that followed, I tried in complete desperation to hold the marriage together. But everything I tried only made it worse.

And then, when all of my resources were spent, Jesus began to draw me to Himself. He finally had my complete attention, and through the pain of that season, He taught me things that have become deeply sacred to me, not only because they restored my marriage, but because they gave me the thing I didn’t even know I needed: Jesus Himself.

Over the last couple of months, our video production team has been working hard to produce the first videos in a new ongoing series “Sacred Things.” In this series, I will share with you some of the life-changing and sacred things that Jesus taught me during that time.

Please, if you know a wife who needs godly advice and encouragement to go through a similar situation, tell her about this new series. To get things started, we just released my testimony in four 15-minute installments, and going forward will release videos monthly that cover topics relevant to a wife in the horrible pain of a broken marriage.

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1. Bright Hopes for a Fairy-Tale Marriage

Kathy Irwin and Steve Gallagher moved in together at a young age. Soon after, God began drawing her into a relationship with Himself and she responded wholeheartedly. As Kathy approached marriage with Steve, she looked forward to a wonderful future together; but storm clouds were on the horizon, and she was about to enter into one of the darkest periods she could have ever imagined.

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2. Painful Reality: A Cheating Husband

Kathy entered into marriage with bright hopes for her future. But her new husband was angry, demanding, and never satisfied. In the midst of her pain, confusion, and questions, she found out that Steve was addicted to pornography and cheating on her with other women. All of her dreams of happily-ever-after were crushed, and she awoke to the horrible reality of being married to an adulterous husband.

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3. God Restored My Marriage

Kathy Gallagher’s marriage was in shambles. Her husband Steve was addicted to pornography and was cheating on her with other women. Heartbroken, she desperately tried to get Steve to love her again. But things only grew worse. Over the next few years, Kathy learned from Jesus what it meant to selflessly love a man who had been addicted to pornography.

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4. Eternal Fruit from My Broken Marriage

Kathy Gallagher reflects on her marriage and testifies to God’s goodness in the midst of her husband's addiction to pornography and infidelity. Not only did the Lord reveal Himself to her, but He restored her marriage and used all of the pain and suffering to bring about a harvest of good in the lives of many, many others.

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