How Can I Address Sexual Sin in My Church?


What can I as a pastor do to address the issues of pornography and sexual sin with the men of my church?

I gave this acronym in a pastors’ magazine article once: 


Foster an atmosphere of truth and honesty. Men who struggle must have the sense that they can confess their sin without undue consequences. You may have to take a man out of a leadership position, but you should never do anything that would disrespect the man or betray his confidence.

Renounce sin. It destroys lives, corrupts churches, and weakens the Body of Christ. Living and preaching holiness may offend those who wish to compromise, but it will attract those who are sincerely hungry for God.

Educate your congregation about proper and improper sexuality. If struggling men feel that the pastor is uncomfortable with the subject, they will never come forward for help.

Establish and encourage men’s ministry. Men tend to isolate and one of the greatest helps to a man overcoming secret sin is getting involved in godly fellowship with others.

Disciple those in need. We have learned how to build big churches but in the process we have lost our ability to build spiritual maturity in the lives of individuals. This lack of personal attention is one of the primary reasons men do not live in more freedom.

Offer restoration for fallen church leaders and members. Have something in place to refer men to such as a biblical counselor or a ministry that deals with sexual sin from a biblical perspective.

Model godly character and consecration. Your personal walk with God will determine the level of spiritual of authority you will have to speak into the lives of those you minister to.