How Do I Get Free from Mental Images?


I have been free from masturbation for 8 months now, but I am still struggling in my mind. How do I get free from all those images I have looked at in the past?

What a wonderful testimony! God bless you on what is obviously a deep commitment to the Lord.

Regarding the mental images that are still in your mind, I would say that three things will play a part in their removal. First, by not indulging yourself in pornography, you are giving your mind a chance to cleanse itself. Obviously, you cannot get free of sexual images if you continue to look at them. Second, time is a great healer of the mind. The longer you keep yourself clean, the weaker those images will become in your memory. Third, a daily time in the Word of God will cleanse your mind and change your perspectives. The Bible is simply God’s perspective on paper. The more you fill your mind with it, the more you will take on His mindset.

Don’t be discouraged by these images. Do your best to ignore them. Over time, you will notice that they will lose their strength until finally they will be long, lost memories.