How Do I Know if My Husband is Changing?


Husbands who get caught in sexual sin often weep buckets of tears and promise that they will never do it again. Wives want to believe that this is true and are desperately searching for any sign that he is really going to change, but many of them are later devastated when they find out that nothing is different. In fact, a husband’s pleas for mercy and hopeful promises do not guarantee that the husband is serious about changing.

Kathy Gallagher’s husband was addicted to pornography and illicit sexual encounters for years, but there was a moment in time where Steve truly began to change, and there were indicators in the following months that the change was genuine. In the following videos, Kathy shares how a wife can know if her husband is truly changing.

How Do I Know if My Husband is Changing? (Part 2)

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How Do I Know if My Husband is Changing? (Part 1)

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