How do I Trust My Husband on His Computer?


My husband was involved in internet porn two years ago, but now spends a lot of time on the internet. How do I let go of the devastation from his previous involvement?


This is a matter of trust and wisdom. First of all, it is simply showing wisdom to be concerned about him being on the Internet. It is right for you to be concerned and you should do everything in your power to make sure that there are safeguards in place so that he doesn’t fall back into his old ways.

Letting go of past offenses requires trust. He has broken his trust with you and owes it to you to earn it back. If he has truly repented of his past actions, while he may still have occasional struggles or temptations, he will be different inside. You should look for the fruits of repentance. Does he initiate safeguards for himself or do you find that you are always having to be the one to make sure they are in place? Does he fear getting involved in pornography, or does he have a cavalier attitude about it? Is he defensive when you bring these issues up, or is he patient and understanding with you? If he seems to be sincere, then you should do your best to believe the best about him and his intentions. If he doesn’t seem sincere, then it is right for you to be concerned with what he is doing.