Most Read Posts of 2016

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1. "Is His Pornography Use Grounds for Divorce?", Rose Colon
A friend recently informed me of an all-too-familiar situation involving a married couple, Charles and Linda. Linda had become concerned about her husband’s honesty. She did a little investigating and found evidence that Charles had been looking at pornography on his laptop—again. She confronted him; he denied it; the evidence was produced, and now Charles and Linda are separated. Linda feels she’s been down this road countless times before. I knew from past conversations we’ve had that she would undoubtedly be wrestling now with whether to seek a divorce from her 16-year marriage to Charles.


2. "18 Qualities of a Young Man Ready for Life", Israel Wayne
We live in a culture that has effeminized young men. Young men are rarely encouraged to be leaders in their homes, churches and society. As parents seek to raise their sons in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, it may be helpful to make a checklist to see how these future leaders are measuring up to the Biblical standard.


3. "Recognizing Godly Sorrow vs Worldly Sorrow", Jim Lewis
Here in stark contrast we see the difference between the worldly sorrow of Saul and the godly sorrow of David. One is completely selfish, and cares only about the personal cost of sin. The other is sorrow towards God, and cares about the offense to His holiness, and the impact of the sin upon others.


4. "When a Betrayed Wife Protects Herself", Kathy Gallagher
I recently read a book written by a woman who, for over twenty years, had lived with a man addicted to pornography. It was beautifully written and truly captured the pain a wife in such circumstances must endure. For instance, at one point she told of her visit to a clinic in a seedy part of town to be tested for AIDS. With great skill she wrote of her years of anguish, her sense of betrayal. She eloquently described—in almost romantic metaphor—the loss of the best years of her life being married to an utterly self-centered man who cared little for her and their children. The story was, to say the least, gripping. Having experienced this myself, I could easily relate to what she was describing.


5. "Why the Residential Program Must be Nine Months", Steve Gallagher
The concerned expression on the man’s face is one I have seen many times over the years. He is convinced he needs to enter the Pure Life Ministries’ Residential Program but is grieved about its length—almost frantically trying to negotiate a more reasonable compromise.


6. "About the Girl Every Guy is Checking Out", Kathy Gallagher
There’s usually at least one in every church. You know, the young woman whose clothes are a bit too revealing. You probably surmised correctly that her Sunday dress is conservative compared to what she wears the rest of the week. This girl loves the attention she receives from guys. She has (perhaps subconsciously) learned that the tighter her dress and the lower the neckline, the more men notice her. Whether she doesn’t stop to consider how she is making men stumble, or she simply doesn’t care, the most important thing to her is that heads turn when she walks by.


7. "Do I Have to Tell My Wife?", Jeff Colon
“Do I really need to tell my wife? Why can’t I just repent to God? It will destroy her,” the counselee exclaims. “If you were truly worried about that, you wouldn’t have done it in the first place,” is my unswerving answer. I am well aware that many pastors counsel men to confess their sin to another man or leader in the church, but that they don’t need to tell their wives. I believe this is bad counsel and not according to the precepts of God’s Word.


8. "5 Factors in the Formation of Homosexuality", Steve Gallagher
There is an ongoing debate between homosexual activists and leaders of the ex-gay movement over the origins of homosexual tendencies. The homosexual community staunchly contends that God created them the way they are, and therefore their behavior cannot be considered sinful.  However, ex-gay ministers vehemently oppose this view.  They believe that they were not created with same-sex desires but rather that certain impulses developed as a direct result of poor parent-child relationships in early childhood. I humbly submit that both sides are right and both are wrong.


9. "What Does God Think About Masturbation?", Tom Blangiardo
While serving at Pure Life Ministries, I witnessed over a thousand graduations from our residential program—over a thousand celebrations of the miracle-working power of God’s grace! Almost without exception, each graduation speech declares a life-controlling habit of “self-gratification.” These are not words to cover up the more base term “masturbation,” but rather a more apt description, at least in spiritual terms, of what it truly is.


10. "Help for Identifying and Exposing Secret Sin", Brad Furges
How many professing believers today standing in the pulpit, singing on the worship team, or sitting out in the pews lug around a host of unconfessed sins? Week after week they assemble together to exalt God, but they are weighed down, their spiritual backpacks crammed with all sorts of idols and other hidden sins. Pride. Rebellion. Unbelief. Bitterness. Anger. Unforgiveness. Laziness. Lying. Greed. Envy. Gluttony. Gossip. Lust. Adultery. Fornication. Homosexuality. Pornography. Masturbation. Drunkenness. Substance abuse.


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