God's Man in Babylon


An excerpt from Pastor Steve Gallagher’s teaching, “God’s Man in Babylon”

We've looked at the final dying moments of the nation of Israel - a nation that God birthed himself and nurtured in tremendous love over the centuries, but that had turned their back on Him, time and time again. During this last period, when the danger was so imminent, He sent His prophets and messengers - Jeremiah, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and others - to plead with the people to open their hearts to Yahweh, to turn away from their sinful ways - their idolatry that they had so embraced and fallen in love with - and to turn back to the Lord; but all the pleadings and warnings were ignored for the most part.

By 605, when Nebuchadnezzar was at the gates of Jerusalem, Jeremiah had been preaching for 22 years, so this was around the halfway point in his ministry. There would be another 23 years before the final overthrow of Judah and Jerusalem. During his approximately 42 years of ministry, Jeremiah fearlessly stood against the spirit of the age that the people of Judah had long since given over to. They loved the darkness, and the spirit of Babylon had already infiltrated and taken over inside Jerusalem before one single Babylonian soldier stepped through their gates.

Finally after many years, His patience having been exhausted, the Lord finally opened the door and allowed the Babylonian system, the Babylonian King, and the Babylonian army to come in, assault, and defeat His people:

“You want darkness? I will let you have darkness. You have proven time and time again that that is what your heart desires. I'm going to let you have it until it is coming out of your nostrils. I'm going to send you to the darkest, spiritual pit on this earth where the spirit of Babylon resides and emanates from, and you are going to stay there for 70 years until you learn to abhor idolatry.”

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