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An excerpt from Nate Danser’s teaching, “Living to Please Another”

What does it mean to be separated from the world and separated to God? God tells believers that we live right in the midst of godless people and yet we must be separate from them. This must mean that the separation has to be in our hearts and in our minds. It is not about segregating ourselves from people who aren't believers. It's about being radically different from them internally.

As we look at more scripture, we realize that what the Lord is really saying is that we ought to be radically different from the world in our goals, in our priorities, in our ambitions, in our pleasures, and in our motivations. We are supposed to be so different from the culture that we're called “the peculiar people” (1 Peter 2:9).

So then we have to ask ourselves the question "What is the godless goal, the godless ambition, and the godless pleasure? What is it?" If we’re going to be different from them, we have to know what we’re dealing with.

What we find out is that the dominant spirit is lust-driven covetousness. Dig a little deeper and what we find out is that the reason why the dominant spirit in the culture is lust-driven and covetous is because that is the mindset that the devil is in. That spirit is the thing that led him to rebel against God and made him fall - being covetous. Go to Genesis 3 and you find out that that's what he sold Eve - covetousness. He convinced her to buy into the mindset that there is something to be had that is outside of God's design that you need, something for yourself.

So when we're talking about overcoming and leading a controlled life in a lust-driven culture, this spirit of covetousness is what we must overcome. If you want to be an overcoming Christian, this is the spirit to live differently from - a lust-driven, covetous mindset that says “I want something for myself no matter what God has said about it”.

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