Separated Unto the Lord


The subject of the separated life is not spoken of very much in the church today. It is almost abandoned because its thoughts are not popular and at times when it is ministered it can have a lot of baggage with it.

It's very important if we're going to understand the separated life that we begin at the right point. We have to begin with God and with the holiness of God. If we don't understand God and we don't understand His holiness, then we're not going to understand the separated life He’s calling us to. Revelation 15:4 says "for you alone are holy," and that is an absolute statement. That means that only God is holy, not angels and not men, and anything that is holy is holy only because it enters into fellowship with God. Angels are holy because they are in fellowship with Him. Those angels that are not in fellowship with Him are no longer holy and are called devils. Holiness comes only one way. It comes through fellowship with God. As angels fellowship with God, they can be holy; and when men fellowship with God, they can be holy. But break that fellowship and the holiness that is God-given is removed.

One aspect of God's holiness refers to the absolute absence of evil from Him - absolute moral purity. It's not that God was an "okay God" with a few problems that He's taken care of to make Himself alright. God has never done evil, never thought evil, never acted on evil. He is absolutely pure and holy in who He is and all that He does. The holiness of God is the absolute absence of evil with God.

Another aspect of God's holiness is His absolute separateness. He is separate and distinct and unique from every being, absolutely, from all angels and from all men. We were created in the image of God so we could fellowship with Him - so there could be enough of a likeness between us that we could communicate and have real bonafide fellowship. But He was not made in our image. God is infinitely beyond mankind, infinitely beyond angels, infinitely beyond all that there is. He is uniquely "other" and totally separate. When God calls us into a relationship with Him and into fellowship with Him, these two aspects become very important in that invitation.

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