Prepared to Grow

I’m excited to tell you about our much-needed Capital Campaign for 2017, which we are calling Prepared to Grow, and to ask for your participation in both prayer and giving. Many have been faithful to give generously, and for that we give thanks to God and to you. We could not have grown and continued in this vital ministry without the faithful support of our graduates and our many friends. We appreciate you all so much!

Consider what God is doing in our midst these days. We are consistently running near or at full capacity, with new applications every week. As of this writing, there are 71 students and graduate residents on campus. The most recent months have seen a waiting list for both the Residential Program and Overcomers-At-Home. New staff members have been added in every department: Counseling, Ministry Outreach and Maintenance. God is blessing abundantly!

Every day, it seems, we hear another testimony of someone who has finally found freedom through the Cross of Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to walk in the miraculous and continually see Him answer our prayers.

Now, let me tell you about the Prepared to Grow Campaign. In recent years we have focused most of our time and resources on the needs of our men. After all, that’s why we’re here. God sends us desperate men whom He intends to save. And so we have expanded our dorm space, built the Student Center, and renovated existing dorms, because that was the priority!

Now we must take care of those behind-the-scenes needs that can no longer wait: renovations and repairs to infrastructure, and making a major maintenance purchase. We have drawn up a plan to accomplish these three main goals:

  1. Renovations to the Counseling Office
  2. Addition to staff housing
  3. New truck for the Maintenance Department

In addition to these major goals, we also need funds for a number of additional projects: 

  • Bunk beds (2 sets)
  • Water heaters in student housing
  • Offices and student housing furnishings
  • Student Center tile and interior
  • Bridges and sidewalks at Fairview (Main Campus)
  • Fire escape barrier at School Street (Administration Office)

In order to meet these needs, we will need to raise $100,000 above our normal operating expenses.

Would you be willing to ask the Lord about participating in this campaign? I trust that He will lead you if you seek His will. If you do feel led to give to these needs, you can either give a one-time donation or break it up in monthly gifts. We are hoping to raise this amount by the end of November. Thank you for considering our needs.

For more information or to make a donation by phone, please contact our Donor Relations Department directly at (888) 740-8828.

To give a one-time gift by cash or check, click here to download a reply slip, and mail it along with your gift to:

Pure Life Ministries
ATTN: Michael Wheaton
14 School St. 
Dry Ridge, KY 40135

Donations received which exceed our campaign goals will be applied to the Ministry’s most pressing needs at our sole discretion.