The Momentum Test: 19 Warning Signs of Apostasy

19 Warning Signs of Apostasy, blog.jpg

During our 2017 Annual Conference, Pastor Steve Gallagher spoke on "The Spirt of the Fear of Yahweh." In it, he shared the following 19 warning signs of apostasy in the last days. May we prayerfully approach this self-examination and repent where necessary - relying on the grace and mercy of God.

  1. Prayer is either nonexistent or mechanical

  2. You know the Word but you don't really live it

  3. Earnest thoughts about eternal things are no longer regular and gripping

  4. Sins of the body and of the mind can be indulged in without an uproar in your conscience

  5. Aspirations for Christ-like holiness have ceased to be dominant in your mind

  6. The acquisition of money and goods takes up a major part of your thinking

  7. You can sing worship songs without really meaning what they express

  8. You can hear eternal issues treated flippantly and not be moved to indignation

  9. Your main concerns are of your temporal and earthly life

  10. Conflicts with others are not a major concern to you

  11. You no longer hunger for a deeper life in God

  12. You don't live with a full and grateful heart

  13. You have little concern over and make little effort to meet the needs of others

  14. You always see your level of spirituality in positive terms

  15. You are more concerned about your pet doctrines than you are people's lives

  16. Sports, recreation, and entertainment are a large and necessary part of your life

  17. You are more concerned with your image than with the reality of your life with God

  18. You are full of bitterness, or criticism, or pride, or covetousness or lust

  19. You have a head full of knowledge and a heart made of stone

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