What Makes "The Overcomers Series" a Powerful Spiritual Tool?

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Pure Life Ministries' Director of Ministry Outreach, Nate Danser, provides an inside look at “The Overcomers Series,” our exciting new DVD resource.

Nate, with all the other Christian video content that's out there for people, what sets The Overcomers Series apart? Why is it special?

That is a good question, and, as you mentioned, there is so much out there. That's something that I've also wrestled with: when you have this much video content out there, why produce something else? Why add to it? Well, obviously, I haven't watched everything else, so I can't say for certain, “Here's all this other stuff, and here's what sets ours apart; here's what makes our special.” But let me say this: what we mainly deal with at Pure Life Ministries is people who profess to be Christians who are living in spiritual defeat. And for most of them, it is an ongoing spiritual defeat. I know I've heard Pastor Steve mention sexual sin that way—that sexual sin is an ongoing spiritual defeat.

So the question that we're always asking ourselves is, “How can we take people who are in that spiritual condition, and what can we do to help them live a life that overcomes?” And that's one of the ways that the Bible talks about faith; it “overcomes the world.” So that is what this whole series is geared toward—helping people in this spiritual environment, America, overcome the spirit that is behind our culture. So why would I tell someone that the series is going to be really valuable? Because we really do deeply understand some of the things that are behind that spiritual defeat. And what you're going to find in the series is specifically geared toward that end—helping people live an overcoming life.

Steve Gallagher's book At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry has given many people answers to sexual sin that they didn't find anywhere else. So are you saying that this series imparts the same kind of freedom...but to a wider audience than just the people who struggle with sexual sin?

Yeah, I think so. In this series, there's messages by Pastor Steve, who has dedicated his life to helping Christians overcome sexual sin...and that was his story in the past. There's messages by Glenn Meldrum, who's dedicated his life to being an evangelist and who was radically saved in the 1970s. There's messages by David Leopold, who came out of a life of drug addiction and has dedicated his life to knowing God on a very deep level. So yeah, this isn't theoretical stuff that we're dealing with, and this isn't theoretical stuff for these men of God. This is their life. If there was someone who was saying, “What does it look like to overcome the world in our day and age?” then this series is definitely something worth checking out.

The twelve DVDs in The Overcomers Series boxed set include a wide variety of topics—from What It Means to Follow Jesus” to “For the Love of Pleasure” to “Finding Answers for Life's Struggles”. What ties all these different topics together in the series?

Well, here's what 1 John tells us: “Everything that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life—these things are not from the Father but from the world.” And it also tells us that “if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” I believe - and this is true even just in a theological sense - that everything that the Christian must fight in himself and fight in the world—those are all going to come from the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. And those are the things that we have to overcome. Those are the things we have to overcome in ourselves, and those are the things that we have to resist in the world if we're going to truly live the Christian life. Those are our “battle fronts,” so to speak, and so I think that's really what's tying the series together.

What exactly are people going to get in this DVD series?

Well, first, let me just explain that this is a big series! You're going to get a lot for your money, that's for sure! For $60, you're going to get 24 full-length sermons and at least one bonus feature on each of those 12 discs. It's 29 hours of content, so you get a lot! Some of the topics that we're going to cover in this series are going to be really helpful for a lot of different people. For instance, one of the discs is about what it looks like to live for Jesus in these dark days. It takes a look at the land of Babylon and how they tried to assimilate the exiled Jews into the culture...and what it looks like to stand against that culture. One DVD is about how to help people in their struggles, looking at the differences between biblical counseling and psychotherapy and psychiatry. There's topics on the “self-life” and the manifestations of our own fallen nature versus the life of mercy that comes out of a life that's walking with God. There is a message about the lordship of Christ and about how the true Christian life is a life of obedience and submission and surrender. There is a lot here that will give people a lot to chew on as they seek to walk with Jesus.

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