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“Boosting our capacity to 79 students over the past year to meet an ever-growing need requires more space in our counseling building. Nine offices are no longer sufficient. With your help, we will be able to add two additional offices, as well as a conference room especially suited for group counseling and our weekly counselor’s meetings.”

Ed Buch, Director of Counseling


“When Kathy and I moved the Ministry onto our current campus, there was only one house on the property. Twenty-five years later, we have added 12 new houses and we still need more space for new staff! This project will add a bedroom and a bathroom onto an existing house.”

Steve Gallagher, Founder and President

“Keeping old trucks running requires time and money. So when a friend of the ministry offered to sell us a 2012 Dodge Ram truck for $7,000 less than the going rate, we knew it was a great opportunity. This truck will haul gravel, building materials, our full-size tractor, and plow snow in the winter. The best part? Much less downtime!” 

Mark Schmucker, Facilities Manager 

To give a one-time gift by cash or check, click here to download a reply slip, and mail it along with your gift to

Pure Life Ministries
ATTN: Michael Wheaton
14 School St. 
Dry Ridge, KY 40135

Donations received which exceed our campaign goals will be applied to the Ministry’s most pressing needs at our sole discretion.


Additional Projects

  • Bunk beds (2 sets)
  • Water heaters in student housing
  • Offices and student housing furnishings
  • Student Center tile and interior
  • Bridges and sidewalks at Fairview
  • Fire escape barrier at School St
  • IT Hardware