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Current Projects and Needs

The following updates contain the most current information we have about special projects that are in need of additional funding, updates on funded projects that are not yet completed and general needs we have for our ongoing programs and services.

For projects annotated with "Designation Option" available, you may designate your gift(s) for that project by selecting it from the drop-down menu on our online giving forms when giving a One-Time Gift or setting up a Recurring Monthly Gift (if applicable) using your credit card or checking account. If giving by check, you may write the title of that project in the memo field of your check or on the reply slip provided with information we may have mailed to you.

*Our policy is that all gifts designated for a specific project be applied accordingly. We occasionally receive more funds than can be used for the designated project. In those instances, we use those funds to meet other pressing needs within the Ministry.

Projects Pending and/or Needing Funding


Project: HVAC for Staff Housing
Funding Needed: $7,850.00
Funding Received: $4,547.00
Start Date: N/A
Designation Option: Yes

fully funded.png

Project: Main House Renovations
Funding Needed: $4,740.00
Funding Received: $4,740.00
Start Date: N/A
Designation Option: Yes

fully funded.png

Project: New Chairs for the Student Center
Funding Needed: $4,350.00
Funding Received: $4,350.00
Start Date: N/A
Designation Option: Yes


To see Pure Life Ministries' 2017 Financial Statement click HERE.

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Pure Life Ministries is a non-profit 501c3 corporation, id #68-0095964. All donations are tax deductible.