Which Program should I choose?

  • Our OCAH] phone counseling program is available for men who do not require the intensive intervention of our Residential Program, or those who are simply unable to come to our facility in Kentucky for nine months. If there is any doubt about which program is best for you, we encourage you to schedule a Counseling Support Call to speak with one of our counselors to determine which program is most appropriate for you (a small fee applies).

How much does it cost to enroll in the OCAH Program?

  • We have done our utmost to make our program affordable to anyone in need of help. The cost for our OCAH Program is $800 per person. The fee includes all costs for homework materials and weekly counseling sessions. You may choose to pay your program fees up front, or in two payments of $400. Those who prepay the entire amount will receive a $50 discount.

Must I pay the full cost before I start counseling?

  • Send in the payment form with your completed application. Applications cannot be processed without payment. Individuals can get started with an initial payment of $400 and remit the remaining $400 on or before the 5th week of the program. For those who pay the entire amount in advance, the cost is $750 (savings of $50).

What are the qualifications of your counselors?

  • Our Counseling Department comes under the leadership of Pastor Ed Buch, who holds a Bachelor’s degree from Millersville University and a Master’s degree in Religion from Evangelical Theological Seminary. Before coming to Pure Life Ministries, he worked as a counselor in a nationally known drug & alcohol addiction ministry for several years.
  • All of Pure Life Ministries’ counselors have gone through the biblical counseling training and certification program of the International Association of Biblical Counselors. Furthermore, each of the male counselors is a graduate of our Residential Program, and knows firsthand what it takes to find victory over sexual addiction.

What will be expected of me during the OCAH Program?

  • The OCAH Program assumes you are willing to address your problem with a serious determination to battle through to victory. In addition to having dedicated times of prayer and personal Bible study each day, you will be expected to complete specialized, biblically-based homework assignments drawn from our ground-breaking book, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry and the accompanying Workbook, audio messages and other personalized materials. Altogether, you should expect to spend 1-2 hours per day seeking the Lord and completing your assignments so they can be turned in to your counselor (by FAX or email) prior to your weekly phone counseling session. The weekly session with your counselor is meant to be a critical time of personalized discipleship that focuses on your specific needs and circumstances. Our counselors have been in your situation and are equipped through personal testimony and professional training in biblical counseling to lead you into lasting victory over sexual sin.

How much detail should I share with my wife about my sexual sin?

  • We encourage husbands to be open and honest about their sin with their wives, but we discourage giving graphic details. Such imagery can negatively impact wives, and in most cases the details are simply unnecessary. Our counselors can guide couples through this disclosure process in a way that promotes healing and restoration.

Can I participate in another counseling program while going through OCAH?

  • It is a policy of Pure Life Ministries not to accept students into our programs who plan to be involved in counseling from other sources. There are a number of good reasons for this, but suffice it to say that such an arrangement would cause a great deal of confusion. However, ongoing participation in an accountability group is permissible.

Do you take medical insurance?

  • Unfortunately we are not able to offer this service. It is possible that some insurance companies may cover our services, but we do not get involved in the reimbursement process. That would be between you and your insurance company.

If I pay the counseling fees in advance, will I get a refund if I do not complete the program?

  • When you sign up for our OCAH Program, we assign you one of our counselors for 12 weeks. We’re sorry, but our fees for that counselor cannot be refunded nor prorated should you fail to complete the program.

What is the age requirement for acceptance into your OCAH program?

  • We feel we can effectively counsel mature teens as young as 15 years of age through this program.

What is the success rate?

  • It would be next to impossible to collect trustworthy statistical data pertaining to the success rate of our students. Perhaps a preferable way to think of it is that God will set anyone free who comes sincerely looking for help. In that sense, our “success rate” is 100%. We have never seen anyone go back to their former lifestyle who endeavored to put into practice the biblical principles they learned while in the program. Those who return to sinful habits only do so because they have chosen to forego God’s plan for their lives.
  • We cover this topic in more detail in our blog post, "Freedom Can Only be Found at the Cross."

Do you help sex offenders?

  • Yes, we minister to sex offenders through the OCAH Program. Due to community restrictions, we do not accept those who have a sex offense conviction into our residential program.

What kind of follow up is there by PLM after the program is completed?

  • We encourage graduates in both the Residential Program and the OCAH Program to attend our Annual Conference and to maintain periodic contact with their counselor after completing their program.
  • In addition, those who fall back into old habits are invited to sign up for our 6-week Supplemental Counseling Program to help them get back on track. Graduates from either the Residential Program or the OCAH Program may apply for Supplemental Counseling at any time, even if it has been years since they graduated.

What kind of accountability should an individual or couple maintain once they have completed the program?

  • We encourage men who complete our programs to stay accountable with another godly man who’s willing to assist him for a period of time, especially with any struggles with lust and temptation. We also urge husbands to be accountable with their wives, especially in areas such as finances, computer and cell phone usage, and time away from home.
  • Individuals and couples are encouraged to make sure their home is a sanctuary—a place where Jesus would feel welcome and comfortable. If your home needs a good purging, then don’t let anything stop you! After God has done a deep work in your heart, you and your spouse should cut off every avenue of possible temptation in your home. This may include certain magazines, inappropriate movies or TV shows and even the television set if need-be! You should also make sure every computer, cell phone and any other wi-fi enabled device in your possession is equipped with a reliable internet filter.

What can a wife do to help her husband while he’s going through the OCAH Program?

  • We encourage wives to pray for their husbands and believe the Lord to do a deep and lasting work within them. We also strongly encourage them to go through the Wives Program as their husbands are undergoing counseling. One of the most important elements of a strong marriage is for each spouse to view their marriage biblically—not as individuals seeking their own personal advantage, but as a “one flesh” unit going through this difficult time together. One of the many benefits to the Wives Program is that both spouses are able to participate in a similar curriculum, thus partnering in this new course in life. This is the sort of thing that builds a lasting marriage.