What are the 2 phases of the Residential Program?

  • Phase I of our residential program is 6 months in length and is structured to provide men the foundation needed to achieve lasting victory over sexual sin. Phase II consists of an additional three months on campus. The basic structure and accountability during this special transitional phase affords participants greater freedom to put into practice what they have learned and focuses on preparing them to sustain a victorious Christian walk after they have completed the program.

How much does it cost to enter the Residential Program?

  • We have done our utmost to make our program affordable to anyone in need of help. There is no cost to apply for the Residential Program. No funds are due until after you have completed the application process and an offer of admission into the Program has been extended to you. After your acceptance into the Program has been confirmed, a $1,000 Induction Fee is due. This amount must be received before your scheduled arrival. Payment of this Induction Fee secures your enrollment date in the Program. Additionally, upon arrival at the Residential campus in Kentucky, you must pay your first two weeks’ of program fees ($390).

While in the program, how will I pay my ongoing program fees?

  • Most of our students hold outside jobs while in the program. Working provides the men with a steady source of income, as well as the daily opportunity to put into practice the spiritual principles they are learning. The employment is typically arranged for them through local temporary agencies. Occasionally exceptions are made in unique situations such as a man on disability or a non-US citizen.
  • In addition to the Induction Fee, residents in Phase One (first 6 months) pay a Program Fee of $195 per week. This covers the full cost of your participation in the Program, including housing and most meals.
  • Phase Two residents (residents in months 7 thru 9) pay a Program Fee of $145 per week. (Note: Phase Two students who opt to complete their 3-month transitional phase via phone counseling from home pay a reduced Program Fee of $50 per week.)

Are there any exceptions to remaining on campus for Phase II?

  • While we strongly urge students to remain on campus for the entire program, we recognize that some students have unique situations that require them to complete their final three months at home through phone counseling.

What’s a typical week like there?

  • Most of our students are employed in full-time jobs in the local area while in the program. Additionally, highlights of the weekly schedule are as follows:
  • Sunday and mid-week Chapel services
  • Staff-facilitated accountability group
  • Intercessory prayer meeting
  • Teaching video or Christian movie
  • Weekly individual counseling session
  • Small group prayer time

What curriculum do you use in your counseling?

  • The counseling curriculum is a combination of Pure Life Ministries’ specialized materials and biblical homework/study. Through personal discipleship, our counselors focus on the unique needs of each man as they lead him into a consecrated life in God.

How can I leave my family for nine months? Who will take care of them?

  • We understand that the thought of leaving home, job, family and the security of being in control of your own life can be absolutely overwhelming—perhaps even frightening for many men. After 30 years of dealing with hundreds of families who have had to face this dilemma, there are a few things we can share with you.
  • First, is simply the promise from Jesus Himself found in Matthew 6: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” This may seem like a trite or simplistic statement to someone who has a family to support, but it truly has been our experience that those who determine within their hearts to get their spiritual lives right, find an awesome God working on their behalf back home.
  • The other thing we should mention is that there is usually an element of sacrifice involved with getting one’s life back in order. Many want a pain-free solution to lifelong problems but that simply isn’t realistic. One thing we can attest to after dealing with so many families through the years is that the Lord never overlooks any sacrifices that are made, and always makes them worthwhile.

Why does the program have to be nine months long? I’ve heard of others that are only thirty days long.

How do I stay in touch with my family while I am there? Can they come visit me?

  • Although we do not permit personal electronic devices, including cell phones or laptops, during the duration of Phase I of the Residential Program, you will have access to pay phones in your designated dorm area and will be able to make a limited number of calls per week. Mail is distributed Monday-Friday by the counseling staff.
  • Additionally, after being in the program for 30 days, you may have one weekend visit per month with your counselor’s approval. Weekend visitations may extend up to 4 days (Thursday–Sunday or Friday–Monday).

Can my wife also receive counseling from Pure Life Ministries while I am in the program?

  • Absolutely! The wife of a man in the Residential Program can receive counseling through the Wives Program. This is a real blessing for the wife who has lost trust for her husband. She can hear for herself from the staff about how her husband is doing. It is also wonderful for our counseling staff to be able to work with both husband and wife so that some of the inevitable marital difficulties which arise from sexual sin can be resolved. For wives of Residential Program students, our Wives Program is offered at a discounted cost of $30 per session plus a materials fee of $90. If your wife would like to participate in this program, she can enroll by downloading the appropriate application in our Application Center, or by calling 888.PURELIFE (888.787.3543).
  • She may also want to view our Unchained video testimonies of wives and marriages that have been restored through our counseling programs.

What are the qualifications of your counselors?

  • Our Counseling Department comes under the leadership of Pastor Ed Buch, who holds a Bachelor’s degree from Millersville University and a Master’s degree in Religion from Evangelical Theological Seminary. Before coming to Pure Life Ministries, he worked as a counselor in a nationally known drug & alcohol addiction ministry for several years.
  • All of Pure Life Ministries’ counselors have gone through the biblical counseling training and certification program of the International Association of Biblical Counselors. Furthermore, each of the male counselors is a graduate of our Residential Program, and knows firsthand what it takes to find victory over sexual addiction. Likewise, our female counselors have dealt with these issues in their own marriages and also understand the unique issues women face in the struggle for purity. The combination of personal victory and credible training sets our counseling staff apart.

How much detail should I share with my wife about my sexual sin?

  • We encourage husbands to be open and honest about their sin with their wives, but we discourage giving graphic details. Such imagery can negatively impact wives, and in most cases the details are simply unnecessary. Our counselors can guide couples through this disclosure process in a way that promotes healing and restoration.

When the children find out daddy has to go away for a while, how much should I tell them?

  • While it is wise to provide an honest answer to your children, it is also wise not to give too many details about their father’s sin. Simply sharing with them that their daddy is going away to “Bible school” or to learn more about Jesus so he can learn to be a better father will usually suffice, depending on the age of the child, of course.

What should I tell my extended family and friends about where I’ll be for the next nine months?

  • It is appropriate to simply let them know that you’re going away to a discipleship program to draw closer to the Lord. If your pastor is aware of your situation, he will most likely be able to offer you guidance with how to handle this in your local church.

What is your stance on psychotropic medication?

  • We accept men into our Residential Program who are currently taking one or more psychotropic medications. If men are on such medications upon arrival, our policy prohibits participants from discontinuing or tapering off their prescribed medications without approval of a physician. If an applicant is incapacitated by his medication or the dosage he’s on, he may not be able to participate in the program until he is stable or is off his medications altogether.

What is the age requirement for acceptance into the Residential Program?

  • Participants in our program must be at least 18 years of age (or about to turn 18 within a few months of enrolling). We counsel mature teens who are at least 15 years of age through our Overcomers At-Home Program.

What is the success rate?

  • It would be next to impossible to collect trustworthy statistical data pertaining to the success rate of our students. Perhaps a preferable way to think of it is that God will set anyone free who comes sincerely looking for help. In that sense, our “success rate” is 100%. We have never seen anyone go back to their former lifestyle who endeavored to put into practice the biblical principles they learned while in the program. Those who return to sinful habits only do so because they have chosen to forego God’s plan for their lives.
  • We cover this topic in more detail in our blog post, "Freedom Can Only be Found at the Cross."

Do you help sex offenders?

  • We minister to sex offenders through our Overcomers At-Home Program. Due to community restrictions, we do not accept those who have a sex offense conviction into our residential program.

Which program should I choose?

  • Our Overcomers At-Home phone counseling program is available for those who do not require the intensive intervention of the Residential Program, or those who are simply unable to come to our campus in Kentucky for nine months. If there is any doubt about which program is best for you, we encourage you to utilize our Counseling Support Call to speak with one of our counselors to determine which program is most appropriate for you (a small fee applies).

What can a wife do to help her husband while he’s going through the Residential Program?

  • We encourage wives to pray for their husbands and believe the Lord to do a deep and lasting work within them. We also strongly encourage wives to go through the Wives Program as their husbands are undergoing counseling. One of the most important elements of a strong marriage is for each spouse to view their marriage biblically—not as individuals seeking their own personal advantage, but as a “one flesh” unit going through this difficult time together. One of the many benefits to the Wives Program is that both spouses are able to participate in a similar curriculum, thus partnering in this new course in life. This is the sort of thing that builds a lasting marriage.

Do you counsel women, or know of a ministry that does, in a residential setting?

  • We counsel struggling women through our Overcomers At-Home Program. There is one particular ministry with a residential program that we’ve referred women to in the past called Mercy Multiplied which ministers to young women from 18-28 who struggle with any number of life-dominating issues (www.mercymultiplied.com).

Do you provide marriage counseling for a couple going through your program?

  • While we do not provide formal marriage counseling, we strongly encourage wives to take advantage of our At-Home Program for Wives. The impact of sexual sin has invariably introduced so much pain and strong emotions that it is best, for a season, to help men and their wives work through their individual issues separately. By helping each of them develop godly attitudes and habits, they will be much better prepared to then address marital issues. When God has been given His rightful place in their hearts, lives and marriage, problems that once seemed insurmountable become much more manageable, perhaps even without the need of formal marriage counseling. Should issues remain, or arise after the husband has returned home, it is our hope that the couple can find additional counseling help through their church or a biblical counselor in their area.

What kind of follow up is there by PLM after the program is completed?

  • Phase Two of the Residential Program (a participant’s final 3 months), is specifically structured to equip men to successfully implement and sustain their commitment to biblical purity. Upon graduation, we also provide 6 weeks of follow-up phone counseling to ensure a smooth transition back home. Further, we encourage graduates of both the Residential Program and the Overcomers At-Home Program to attend our Annual Conference and to maintain periodic contact with their counselor after completing their program.
  • In addition, those who fall back into old habits are invited to sign up for our 6-week Supplemental Counseling Program to help them get back on track. Graduates from either the Residential Program or the Overcomers At-Home Program may apply for Supplemental Counseling at any time, even if it has been years since they graduated.

What kind of accountability should an individual or couple maintain once they have completed the program?

  • We encourage men who complete our programs to stay accountable with another godly man who’s willing to assist him for a period of time, especially with any struggles with lust and temptation. We also urge husbands to be accountable with their wives, especially in areas such as finances, computer and cell phone usage, and time away from home.
  • Individuals and couples are encouraged to make sure their home is a sanctuary—a place where Jesus would feel welcome and comfortable. If your home needs a good purging, then don’t let anything stop you! After God has done a deep work in your heart, you and your spouse should cut off every avenue of possible temptation in your home. This may include certain magazines, inappropriate movies or TV shows and even the television set if need-be! You should also make sure every computer, cell phone and any other wi-fi enabled device in your possession is equipped with a reliable internet filter.

Do you take medical insurance?

  • Unfortunately we are not able to offer this service. It is possible that some insurance companies may cover our services, but we do not get involved in the reimbursement process. That would be between you and your insurance company.

What can I bring to the Program?

  • Once you have been accepted into the program, we will be in contact with you regarding all the necessary details concerning your arrival at our campus, including a full list of items to bring and not to bring.