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In 1986, our founder and president Steve Gallagher wrote the definitive work for Christians on the topic of sexual addiction. It was a book well ahead of its time, and since then has led thousands of men step by step all the way to real freedom from sexual sin. From cover to cover, he masterfully exposes the real roots of sexual addiction, clearly marks the path to a victorious life, and conclusively affirms the authority of God’s Word through his own powerful testimony. 

Please accept a downloadable chapter of this powerful book with our compliments. 


We recently produced a 14-week DVD Curriculum which brings to life the deep truths found in the book At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry. Founded on the truths of Scripture, this curriculum is perfect for men’s groups and individual viewers, and provides: exclusive teachings by Steve Gallagher and the leadership of Pure Life Ministries, a safe environment for men to openly discuss their struggles with sexual temptation, and 14 inspiring testimonies of men now walking in freedom. We hope you enjoy viewing this segment on the vital importance of repentance.