Why This Program Embraces the Sinner

Perhaps you have heard the adage, “God hates sin, but loves the sinner.” I Googled that phrase once and came across a website that violently disagree with it. “God hates sinners,” the man exclaimed in an unmistakable huff. He went on to cite a couple of Old Testament verses that seemed to support his notion. All I can say is that this man exuded a harsh and self-righteous spirit that I have never sensed from the Lord. 

Why the Residential Program is So Effective

Pure Life Ministries has been a pioneer in dealing with sexual addiction for 30+ years now. In fact, ours was the first Christian Residential Program for sexual addicts in the world. Thousands of men have gone through our program since we began and are now enjoying the blessings of a victorious Christian life. 

To My Beautiful Sisters in Christ

I’m 34 years old and single. Up until I was 26, I shamelessly indulged in lust while I outwardly paraded myself around as an upstanding Christian man. But today, because of the blood of Jesus and deep repentance, I am able to say that I am no longer that man. And the work of God’s grace has not only taught me to deny the ungodliness of lustful thoughts, but to go one step further and truly seek to honor you as sisters in my thoughts.  

Putting Dead Faith to Death

When someone is trying to understand why they can't find freedom from sexual sin, they often come to the conclusion that they have a lot of head knowledge, but not much heart knowledge. In today's sermon, we'll look at what's behind that lack of heart knowledge, and what it takes for a person's heart to truly be transformed.

Why It’s Not Impossible to be Single and Pure

One of the most fascinating stories in the Bible is the life of Joseph.  He spent many years as a single man separated from his loving father and his older brothers who had despised and rejected him. Although the LORD was with him and gave him favor throughout his “wilderness” experience, Joseph was not exempt from having to face sexual temptation.

Rescue the Christian Who is Losing Their Way

You see them at the Christian bookstore, in Sunday school, sitting next to you in the pew; you don’t realize it, but they are people hooked on masturbation, pornography, or illicit sex. They have strayed “from the truth,” and unless someone helps them get back on course, Scripture is clear that they will be destroyed.