How to Find Peace Out of Bitterness

Bitterness is a deadly malignancy of the soul. Its poisonous venom destroys both the physical body and the spiritual health of an individual. I once heard it said, “Bitterness is like the acid you have inside that you want to spew on others; but it may well eat you alive before you get the chance.”

The Momentum Test: 19 Warning Signs of Apostasy

During our 2017 Annual Conference, Pastor Steve Gallagher spoke on "The Spirt of the Fear of Yahweh." In it, he shared the following 19 warning signs of apostasy in the last days. May we prayerfully approach this self-examination and repent where necessary - relying on the grace and mercy of God.

On Being a Christian and Pursuing Romance

There is a true, biblical romance that God intends for a man to share with his wife. Biblical romance is an expression of devotion and desire, lovingly governed by a passion to give. Such romance continually yields to the well-being of its beloved; it edifies rather than corrupts. It is beautiful. It is holy.

If Anyone Wants to be First, He Shall Be First

The disturbing reality is that talent has a lot more to do with advancement in the American Church than does godly character. In fact, some of its biggest stars are the most prideful and self-centered people in the Church. I say that because outward success tends to foster pride and selfishness in the best of folks. Fame has ruined more men of God than we can imagine. I know because it could have easily ruined me.

Only a Fool Mocks at Sin

Sin… Our atmosphere is charged with it, our souls are stained by it, many around us are consumed with it, and the world is fueled by it. Its presence is overwhelming—even suffocating. Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to justify our comparatively “little” sins such as indulging in sexual fantasy. Nonetheless, believers are expected to treat sin with the utmost abhorrence.