Discover the Cure

One of the most important insights Pure Life Ministries has gained in our 30+ years of ministry to sexual addicts is this: Sexual addiction is only the symptom of a much deeper issue. Those who long for true freedom must deal with the root issues.

Struggling Christians: On the Road to the Promised Land

To the Israelites, the Promised Land was a physical place, “a land flowing with milk and honey.” Spiritually, the Promised Land was a place of peace and rest and joy, a place where God’s richest blessings would flow in abundance. To one caught up in the addiction of sexual sin or some other life-dominating sin, such a place may seem like a mirage, or perhaps even a delusion. But because of the work Jesus did for us on the Cross, this same spiritual place is promised to us and is available to us.

To Trust...Or Not to Trust?

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard a heart-broken wife exclaim, “I thought I knew my husband! I just found out that he has been living a total lie our entire married life!” Their words always provoke a wave of empathy in me.

Sin: The Greatest Liar, Thief, and Killer

Satan uses man’s natural propensity toward sin to lead him down a path of destruction. The victim is enticed down this trail by promised fulfillment. But even while the seducer dangles the intoxicating carrot in front of the person’s lust-filled eyes, it is picking the person’s pocket and leading him right to a cliff.

Out of Homosexuality, and Into Something Worse

It was the summer of 2003, and I had tickets for one of the hottest rock concerts of the season. Prior to the show, I was sitting in a local restaurant with a young man with whom I had been in a clandestine homosexual relationship for several months. He did not know my true identity. He could hardly have imagined that the man with whom he was involved was a prominent “pro-family” spokesperson promoting the Christian perspective on homosexuality and opposing the “gay” political movement. I had also neglected to inform him that I had been HIV positive since 1986.

Why Marriage Cannot Cure Your Lust Problem

Many sex addicts incorrectly view their struggle as a sex problem. Those who are single often tend to view marriage as the “easy-button” fix for their issue. Due to the fact that they are unable to satisfy their lust in a healthy way, they assume that, if only they were married, then they could get free. But the truth is that lust isn’t a sex problem; it’s a sin problem. And the only way to conquer sin is through repentance.