3 Ways to Stay in Sexual Sin

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1.)   Keep Your Sin in the Dark

If you want to remain in bondage to sexual sin, secrecy is the key. You want to avoid bringing your sin into the light at all costs. Secrecy is the breeding ground for sin. Do your best to put up a spiritual front to ensure that everyone assumes that you are living a pure life. This is a simple process. You will want to wear a convincing smile on Sunday mornings and make sure that you keep others at a distance. If you can keep your sin private, such as limiting it to fantasy, masturbation and pornography, you should have no problem keeping it out of the public eye. Most church people will not question the sincerity of your relationship with Jesus as long as you blend in with the crowd. Teaching Sunday School or getting involved in ministry is a another way to project a false image toward others, and can even assist in deceiving yourself about your spiritual condition.

2.)   Abuse God’s Grace

As a Christian in habitual sin, you will want to avoid chapters of the Bible that talk about a true believer’s relationship to sin. For example, you will want to steer clear of Romans 6, in which Paul clearly teaches that we are dead to sin. Also, John’s first epistle should be ignored, because he clearly tells us that believers cannot be in sin (3:6). These portions of Scripture will only cause you to question your true spiritual state. Instead, focus your attention on the grace of God. If you can convince yourself that God’s grace enables you to stay in your sin, as long as you ask forgiveness each time you give in, you will be able to numb the conviction of the Holy Spirit, as well as your conscience.

3.)   Live Only for Yourself

Since lust is completely self-centered, you will want to make sure that YOU are the number one idol in your life. Do not think about the needs of others—only your own. Deceive yourself into believing that your sin does not affect anyone else. If you are married, try your best to ignore the fact that you are breaking your wife’s heart, whether she is aware of your sin or not. If you have children, do not allow yourself to think about how your sin does and will affect their lives. It is especially crucial that you do not take any time to ponder how your sin is affecting Jesus. Pretend that your sin is not affecting your relationship with Him. Erase from your mind the fact that He died on a cross to set you free from the sin in which you are freely indulging. If you begin to meditate on these truths, you might allow the weight of the guilt and shame you feel to cause you to cry out to Jesus for help. That single action may give Him enough room to begin a work of true repentance in your heart. Then, your addiction to sexual sin will lose its control over your life, and you might find yourself completely free.

All facetiousness aside, if someone were to ask me for advice on how to remain in sin and still consider themselves a Christian, this would be the advice I would give. All I have to do is look at my own journey to discover how each of these areas were strongholds that served to fortify my sinful lifestyle. Maybe you are reading these words because you are looking for answers. Maybe you are sick and tired of playing spiritual games. I would suggest that you bring your sin into the light immediately. I would advise you to confess to abusing God’s grace and stop believing the lie that your sin only affects you. Take a moment to reflect on the reality of sin and its impact on your relationship with God. Then cry out to Him for mercy today! He is waiting to help those who are serious about getting free.

Dustin Renz is a graduate of Pure Life Ministries and currently the Associate Pastor of Kettering Assembly of God in Ohio. He is the founder of Make Way Ministries and the author of Pile of Masks: Exposing Christian Hypocrisy. Dustin has a passion to see the Body of Christ awaken, mature and arise to its full potential in these last days.

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