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Web Protection

Did you know that an estimated 4.2 million websites are pornographic?

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Over 2 billion pornographic emails are sent every day? Perhaps worst of all, the largest and fastest growing group of consumers of Internet pornography are 12-17 year olds.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Himself commanded, “If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell.” Matthew 5:29

The fact is, the Internet is both “friend” and “foe.”  It provides limitless access to helpful information of all kinds, BUT, it is polluted with unregulated, ungodly content and pornography that often invades without warning.

No longer should any Christian, regardless of age or gender, venture out on the Internet unprotected.

For this reason, we have collected the following resources that we recommend:


These are programs designed to provide filtering and/or accountability across all your devices.

Covenant Eyes Logo

Covenant Eyes

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Covenant Eyes software:

  • Blocks access to all known adult and pornographic sites

  • Gives your filter guardian control over how restrictive the blocking will be

  • Allows you to add specific sites to the Blacklist

  • Enables you to eliminate explicit images, videos and websites from search results

  • Will send a report to friends of your choice to foster conversations about your internet usage

Accountable 2 You

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Accountable2You software:

  • Quietly monitors your device activity

  • Sends a detailed report to your accountability partners

  • Encourages you to make godly choices and live with integrity

Accountable2You accountability software for all your devices
Net Nanny Logo

Net Nanny

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Net Nanny software:

  • Allows parents to monitor each family member's online activity individually

  • Blocks inappropriate content in real-time

  • Provides the option to block, warn or allow

  • Protects users from pornography, online predators, cyber bullying, and other threats that compromise online safety


These phones completely eliminate access to many sources of temptation.

Pinwheel phone

Modern, reliable smartphones with built-in parent management

  • Affordable and premium phone options

  • Hundreds of approved apps available

  • Allows parents or accountability partner to monitor calls, texts, location history and more from the Caregiver Portal

gabb x Samsung The premium safe phone for kids

Gabb Wireless

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Gabb Wireless phone:

  • Offers a simplified smartphone without access to app stores, games, social media or internet browsers!

  • Perfect for youth and Christians who want to eliminate access to inappropriate content

Techless Wisephone

Techless Wisephone:

  • Offers a simple smartphone for adults and children without access to app stores, internet and other distractions

  • Gives you the bare essentials, including: phone, texting, calendar, maps and camera

  • Allows parents to monitor calls, texts, location history and more from the centralized Techless Family Portal


No apps, addictions, or distractions. Meet Wisephone