6 Lies Pornography Convinces Girls to Believe


There is no question that pornography has become mainstream in our culture, with its foul odor detected nearly everywhere. It should go without saying that pornography is one of the deceptive concoctions proffered by Satan, the “father of all lies.” Girls who subject themselves to it are allowing their perspectives and their hearts to be shaped and influenced by at least a half-dozen false premises conveyed through porn.


Lie #1: “My value as a person is determined by my sexiness.”

The more a young lady views pornography, the more this falsehood will become entrenched in her thinking. She will constantly be comparing herself to others. If she is skinny, she will lament the fact that she isn’t more buxom. If she has a full figure, then she will wish she were slender. Devils use this lie to relentlessly torment girls. The truth is that her value is in her life with God.


Lie #2: “Sex is the most important thing in life.”

This is the predominant theme woven through every script of adult entertainment films. Those who buy into this lie already have a track record of pursuing one pleasure after another in life—sex being the ultimate pleasure in their eyes. The truth is that sex—in its proper place—is a wonderful addition to life, but sex in itself can never provide lasting satisfaction.


Lie #3: “The girls in the porn industry are having the time of their lives.”

No, those girls are there because they see it as a ticket to money or fame. Any girl who thinks porn models and actresses are enjoying themselves would be well-advised to consider what a former starlet says about it. “I never liked sex,” writes Shelly Lubben. “I never wanted sex, and in fact I was more apt to spend time with Jack Daniels than some of the studs I was paid to ‘fake it’ with.”


Lie #4: “There is nothing sacred about sex.”

God created sexuality as a means for a husband and his wife to physically express their deepest devotion to each other. The adult entertainment industry has done its utmost to devalue it into purely animalistic behavior. Or, as Kathleen Parker (Washington Post) describes it, “…over-endowed adults consorting like a troop of deranged baboons…”


Lie #5: “Indulging my sexual desires is liberating.”

The image conveyed is one of carefree women reclaiming their freedom to fully experience life’s grandest pleasure. The truth is that sin always brings one into terrible bondage. Millions who have bought into this lie live in perpetual slavery. The “passing pleasures of sin” have long-since gone; all that remains are the ever-present demands of a relentless addiction.


Lie #6: “Illicit sex has no consequences.”

The images of delicious smiles and thrilling moments of ecstasy betray the truth of what comes later: shame, guilt, loss of self-respect, STD’s and perhaps worst of all: the corruption of the human soul. Pornography warps a person’s perspectives on sexuality, pollutes the mind, sears the conscience, hardens the heart and fills the inner life with perversion. 

Pornography promises enormous satisfaction but leaves its user in utter misery. That’s the truth that the pornographers will never tell the girls who succumb to its enticements.

Steve Gallagher is the Founder and President of Pure Life Ministries. He has dedicated his life to helping men find freedom from sexual sin and leading Christians into the abundant life in God that comes through deep repentance.

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