Avoiding the Path into Destruction | Babylon Series | Episode 2 Part 2

Avoiding the Path into Destruction | Babylon Series | Episode 2 Part 2

Before the flood, humanity had become intoxicated with evil. The sin and wickedness introduced at the fall had grown exponentially with each successive generation. By the time of Noah, humanity had spiraled so far out of control that all their thoughts and all their feelings were unredeemable.

We are not immune to this same spiritual process. Though God has promised all of us salvation through Jesus Christ, this same soul-sickness can easily consume any one of us who would refuse that offer. When we turn from the Lord, we will inevitably begin to plunge into the same darkness which overtook the pre-flood world.

In this interview with one of our Residential Program counselors, we discuss the Spiral of Degradation found in Romans 1. We’ll take an in-depth look at each step down that spiral. We’ll also talk about the hope available for anyone who finds themselves on that destructive path. If you desire freedom today, it is still available for you!


This series is based on the book Intoxicated with Babylon: The Seduction of God’s People in the Last Days by Steve Gallagher. You can find out more about that book by visiting https://store.purelifeministries.org/Intoxicated-with-Babylon.aspx

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