God is Working for You Behind the Scenes

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In 1978, the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, discovered that France had agreed to supply Iraq with 150 pounds of 93-percent-enriched uranium to be used in a 700-megawatt commercial nuclear reactor which France would help build. Ostensibly, this was to be used for peaceful purposes, primarily providing energy for Baghdad. The Israelis suspected Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein had other ideas.
Operation Sphinx was immediately launched and given top priority within the clandestine halls of Mossad headquarters. Eight separate teams of intelligence specialists were assigned to the case. After an initial review of the available information, they chose an Iraqi scientist named Halim as their target. Halim and his wife lived in Paris while working on the project in a French laboratory.
The world famous spy organization quickly went to work. First, a group of operations agents was sent to Paris to act as support staff for the other agents involved in the undertaking. Then field supervisors arrived to oversee the entire project. Next surveillance crews showed up to gather as much information about Halim as possible. A separate crew of specialists was brought in for electronic surveillance that bugged his home and listened to his conversations. And finally, when everything else was in place, the primary contact team arrived to begin their phase of the operation. These were the people who would have direct contact with Halim.

Over the coming months, over fifty Israeli agents were used in this elaborate scheme. By subtly appealing to Halim’s lust for women and money, the Mossad carefully led the Iraqi scientist to the point of willingly giving them information about the Iraqi nuclear complex under construction. In 1981, this information was provided to the Israeli air force which was then able to pinpoint their bombs on the reactor located within the Iraqi power plant. Saddam Hussein’s ability to produce nuclear weapons was destroyed.

The immense effort put into that operation by dozens of specialists, all focused on the life of one man with the purpose of manipulating the events of his life to cause him to make the decision they wanted him to make, is an excellent illustration of the enormity of God’s involvement in the lives of His children.

God's Enormous Investment In The Life Of A Believer

The fact of the matter is that God has been deeply involved with your life since your birth. You have been the focus of an immense heavenly operation for many years. Who can know the number of angels assigned at various times to watch over you? Who can guess how many people God has used in a myriad of ways to influence and mold your life, to bring you to the point of seeing your great need for Him? How many different circumstances of your life—loss, failures, problems, difficult people — did God use to bring you to that momentous decision? Paul rightly said, “You were bought with a price...” Of course the greatest price paid was on Calvary, but how much else has gone into your salvation?

Unquestionably, God has been intricately involved in the life of every single person who comes to Him; however, coming to God is only the beginning. At this point, the real work begins. Paul said, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the first-born among many brethren.” (Romans 8:28-29)
Once God has helped a man come to repentance, the next phase of the operation begins. By utilizing various circumstances that tend to nudge the believer in the right direction — godly teaching and counsel, the lives of mature saints, the conviction of sin, the passion for holiness He plants in the heart, and a host of other elements perfectly tailored for that person’s situation — the Lord is constantly trying to do a work in the believer’s life. Such tireless effort is aimed at making him more like Jesus. It is, if you will, a major Mossad operation going on at all times around a Christian’s daily routine. Just like Halim, most people are completely oblivious to all of this activity.

God’s Tremendous Care And Concern

One of my wife’s most endearing characteristics is her insisting to be involved with me constantly. For instance, when I wake up in the middle of the night (I am a chronic insomniac), her eyes immediately pop open to see what I’m doing. Usually she’s such a good sleeper that she could easily sleep right through the night. And yet, somehow, she always knows when I wake up. She says she can hear my eyelids open! If I get out of bed to read or do something to avoid bothering her, she insists on me staying there, even though turning the light on means she will lose sleep. My wife wants to be involved with everything that goes on with me. It isn’t out of nosiness or out of being insecure about my faithfulness. She simply loves me and is absorbed in every phase of my life. To Kathy, love equates with undying interest.

So it is with God. He has a tremendous investment in every believer’s life and is greatly interested in every aspect of it. He loves His children and it is the joy of His great heart to be involved with the details of their lives. The Psalmist certainly understood this: “Behold, the eye of the LORD is on those who fear Him, on those who hope for His lovingkindness.” (Psalm 33:18) So did David, who said, “How precious also are Thy thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand...” (Psalm 139:17-18) 
God is intimately and intricately involved in the lives of His people. He is constantly at work in every aspect of their lives. But everything He does is for a purpose. Like the massive and complicated Mossad operation, God is quietly working behind the scenes of our daily lives with a purpose in mind which is of extreme importance to Him.

God’s Balancing Act

Unlike the Mossad, the Lord has no desire to hurt, use, or abuse us. When you care about someone, you are careful about how you treat them. The believer isn’t someone to be manipulated into doing what God wants, and then to be thrown away like the Mossad did with Halim. All of the Lord’s efforts are motivated by His immense love for that person.
To properly work in a person’s life, the Lord uses great restraint over everything He does. Too much scolding can crush a man’s spirit. Likewise, excessive leniency could allow him to wander off into unspeakable perils. He has to continually balance everything He does.
Part of the life of victory comes about when the believer can rest in the assurance that God truly loves him, is looking to help him, and is extremely involved in his life. He can make that deep surrender because the Lord has successfully proven His trustworthiness. “Believing in Christ” means that we trust Him. And in the end, isn’t that trust the foundation of all Christian living?

Steve Gallagher is the Founder and President of Pure Life Ministries. He has dedicated his life to helping men find freedom from sexual sin and leading Christians into the abundant life in God that comes through deep repentance.

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