Sacred Things: How Do I Deal with the Suffering of Betrayal?

Why is God Allowing Me to Suffer? (Part 1)

Sin has created a world full of devastation and heartbreak. Many wives often find themselves in terribly painful situations because their husbands have been given over to sexual sin. When a man is stuck in sexual sin, he is unable to see clearly the devastation he is causing because his mind is completely overtaken with sin.  

The message of this world is very clear: protect yourself at all costs. Sadly, this message has found its way into the church by appealing to our own sense of self-love and self-preservation, which are contrary to the Lord’s teachings of self-denial and putting others first.

When Kathy Gallagher discovered her new husband’s sexual addiction, she soon gave up on him, filed for divorce, and found a new partner. She wanted nothing to do with suffering, and so she did her best to forget about him. But it soon became clear to her that if she wanted to follow the Lord, it meant fighting for her marriage. In obedience to Him, she went back to Steve, and despite the suffering, learned to selflessly love the man who had hurt her the most. For more on this subject from Kathy Gallagher, watch part two of this video.

Since 1986, Kathy has brought this message of selfless love to hundreds of wives through the ministry of Pure Life Ministries.

Kathy Gallagher is the Co-Founder and Senior Administrator of Pure Life Ministries. She has been ministering to Christian women for over 20 years and has a deep desire to see them living a fulfilled life in Christ.

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