Identifying the Origins of Our Own Rebellion | Babylon Series | Episode 3 Part 2

Identifying the Origins of Our Own Rebellion | Babylon Series | Episode 3 Part 2

Can the seed of wickedness, rebellion and perversion truly reside in the heart of someone nurtured in a good environment and surrounded by godly examples? Scripture warns us that it can.

We see this clearly in Noah’s son, Ham. He grew up surrounded by the godly influence of his father, and even witnessed sin’s terrifying consequences firsthand in the destruction of mankind in the flood. But despite this, his heart was not set on the Lord like Noah. Ham’s moral character was not something internal, but something based upon his circumstances.

This is a story we’ve seen played out countless times in the men who come to us for counseling. A young man is raised in a godly home. He grows up attending a good church, hearing truth. But eventually he grows up and leaves his family’s protection. Soon, he finds himself allured by worldliness and entangled in sin. This is a tragic reality, but one which can be rectified.

In this interview, we sit down with Vice President of Discipleship Programs, Ed Buch, and look into different scenarios that can lead someone to believe they are walking in freedom, when in reality are allowing sin to remain untouched and flourishing in their heart. For anyone ensnared by sexual addiction, this video will help you see how you ended up in such a bad place, and how to find your way back out.


This series is based on the book Intoxicated with Babylon: The Seduction of God’s People in the Last Days by Steve Gallagher. You can find out more about that book by visiting our bookstore.

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