Jesus: The Only Way to the Father by Luke Imperato on 04/24/2024

Jesus: The Only Way to the Father

Whenever Jesus used the phrase, “I am,” He was purposely identifying Himself with God. And when He said that He was “the way,” He was giving us one way of understanding the power and manner of His work for mankind. And in this sermon, Pure Life Residential Program Director, Luke Imperato, connects these great statements about Jesus to the great need of the man or woman struggling with pornography addiction and other forms of sexual sin.

The Lord transformed Luke’s life at Pure Life Ministries in 2016, following 15years of uncontrolled sexual immorality. He is an FBC Certified Biblical Counselor and currently serves as Director of the Residential Program. Luke previously served as a combat medic in the US Army and was deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. As a medic in both civilian and military environments, Luke’s passion has always been helping those in dire need. In his position with Pure Life, he now assists those bound in chains of sexual sin, that they might find hope and freedom through Jesus Christ.

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