Purity for Life Episode #434: Overcoming Fear When Restoring a Marriage

#434 - Overcoming Fear When Restoring a Marriage

Do not be afraid. We find this command over one hundred times in God’s word to us for a reason. Life can easily become full of fear. For wives, there can be the overwhelming opportunity to live in fear when a husband has been in sexual sin. She fears that he’ll betray her again, re-opening the wound and bringing deeper pain to her and her family. In this episode, both Kathy Gallagher and Pastor Ed Buch will share about the topic of fear, so that we understand how to face it head on, as well as come out of life’s trials with a deeper faith and a greater love for Jesus.

Purity for Life is the weekly podcast from Pure Life Ministries. Each episode will take you where real life meets real Christianity as we tackle the tough issues for those struggling with sexual sin. Thanks for listening!

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