Questions & Answers with Jesus by Dustin Renz on 02/28/2024

Questions & Answers with Jesus

What would you ask Jesus if He were standing in front of you? Both the disciples, and the religious leaders of Israel had such an opportunity, but often what they asked Jesus were mixed with selfishness or even malintent. Yet without fail, Jesus answered the questions of all who came to Him with perfect wisdom, compassion and truth. In today’s message, Dustin Renz brings us into a Q&A session between Jesus and the men of His day and encourages us to find answers to the questions in our lives from what He had to say to them.

Dustin Renz is a graduate of Southeastern University. Prior to entering Pure Life Ministries in April 2011, he and his wife, Brittany, served as Missionary Associates in Macedonia. At Pure Life, he had a life-changing encounter with God that radically altered his life, including his marriage and ministry. He currently serves as a missionary-evangelist and the President of Make Way Ministries and is the author of Pile of Masks and The Crucified Lifestyle. He resides in Kettering, Ohio with wife, Brittany and his three daughters, Abigail Claire and Isabelle.

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