Losing Everything to Gain Nothing by Dustin Renz on 02/25/2020

Losing Everything to Gain Nothing

Through the written record of His eternal Word and the great display of His love in sending Jesus, God has pronounced His blessings and made a way for us to partake of His divine promises. The story of Esau may seem ridiculous to many Christians, but his giving up his birthright for a bowl of soup is an image of what we are like when we chase our sin rather than live for God. In this message, Dustin Renz exhorts us through the story of Esau to see God’s blessings as precious and to be fought for, rather than focusing on the things of this earth.

Dustin Renz is a graduate of Southeastern University. Prior to entering Pure Life Ministries in April 2011, he and his wife, Brittany, served as Missionary Associates in Macedonia. At Pure Life, he had a life-changing encounter with God that radically altered his life, including his marriage and ministry. He currently serves as the Associate Pastor of Miamisburg Assembly of God. Dustin is also the President of Make Way Ministries, which exists to see the world changed one Christian at a time through its speaking, publishing and online ministries. He currently resides in Ohio with wife, Brittany and his two daughters, Abigail and Claire.

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